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“After months of searching I finally went for it. & I am glad I did. Water tastes great and I really do feel a difference!”

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Your Health & Overall Happiness Is Our #1 Priority

Life is short. Why not live it feeling your best! & we know first hand about feeling good, because heck, we use our water ionizers daily. For us this is more than a business, it is a lifestyle and one we want to share with you and the many customers who have already purchased an Alkawave Water Ionizer from us.

From our no “fine-print” lifetime warranty, our unmatched superior products and our genuinely kind sales staff, we will do literally whatever it takes to make you and your family healthier and 100% satisfied.

Our Founder & Why He Created Alkawave

Founder, Dan Barker created Alkawave years ago after seeing the benefits of drinking alkaline water first hand.

“I use my Alkawave Tidal Plus Water Ionizer daily. Really, every day I use it with my coffee, my workout drinks, my protein shakes and I never leave home without a jug full of fresh, healthy alkaline water. When I first started to drink alkaline water I really didn’t know what to expect.

However, being the healthy risk taker I am, I decided to go full in and see for myself!

After a few months of drinking alkaline water I lost over 10 pounds, no joke! Of course that body transformation wasn’t all due to alkaline water as some of that change had to do with working out and eating healthy, but I was never able to get to that good of shape before and I know a lot of that transformation had to do with drinking alkaline water daily.

I am down to almost 6% body fat, I feel much better, I have less anxiety (alkaline water is the only medication I need) and I swear by my Tidal Plus Ionizer. Seeing my body transformation and noticing how much healthier I felt, was ultimately why I created Alkawave. I knew that I could make a life for myself while also helping the live’s of others.

Cheers to OUR health!

Dan B.

Founder Alkawave Ionizers


Lifetime Guarantee Because That’s The Way It Should Be

life time gurantee

When Alkawave was first started, we saw a need for a guarantee that would make customers feel at ease with their purchase. So we decided that all Alkawave water ionizers would be guaranteed for life!


We saw that many companies had 2, 5, and at most 10 years covered under their warranty. What good is a 5 or 10 year warranty? After 10 years you are back to spending the same amount of money on a new ionizer, trashing the seemingly useless older one. Not at Alkawave! You will never have to say goodbye to your beloved water ionizer (unless something happens and we ship you out a new one or fix your old one).

& there is no fine print and no gimmicks with our warranty. We know our ionizers are superior and that is why we got you covered for life! Not many companies can say that they have your back for life. It is one thing we like to brag about around the office from time to time and our customers seem to enjoy bragging as well.

No Pressure Or “Sales Tactics!” However, We Are Happy Educate You Every Step Of The Way

Our goal is to educate you, our potential customer so that you have the most knowledge that one could have about water ionizers and the benefits of drinking alkaline water. With that knowledge that you obtain, we hope you see the quality in our products, but if you don’t, we totally understand! There are some great companies out there (probably a little less great than us of course), we just hope we help you find what you are looking for. If we do, then I think we have done our job regardless if you decide to go with us or not. You can’t win em all right?

No Dealers & No Middlemen. Buy Straight From The Source!

When you buy from Alkawave you buy directly from the source. We don’t have dealers selling our products taking a cut which then boosts the prices for you, the customer. We feel that isn’t fair. & it is the way we keep our prices so low and how we can offer a lifetime guarantee.

Buy from us and you buy directly from the source!

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  • Lifetime Guarantee With No “Fine Print”
  • Best Pricing Since You're Buying Straight From The Source
  • Super Friendly & Sometimes Overly Excited Sales Staff
  • 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee To Try It Out & To Feel The Difference!
  • No Sales Tax, 4 Free Filters Included As Well As Free Shipping
  • Alkawave Ionizers Are Tested & Certified To Ensure Quality
  • 20% Off Discount On All Ionizers (limited time only use coupon code 20off in checkout)
  • Assembled Here In The US
  • We Guarantee You Will Feel The Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water Or Your Money Back!

So give it a try today? If you don’t love your Alkawave Water Ionizer within 90 days, ship it back to us and we will write you a check right on the spot. No questions asked and no hassling!

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