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What is Ionized Water?

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The ongoing debate between consumption of plain water versus ionized drinking water has not only raised eyebrows but has also brought together health practitioners and research teams to come up with ground-breaking findings. However, if you are a layman, dealing with technical terminology could be difficult and hence it is essential to know what ionized water really is. Ionized water is close to natural water, in the sense that it has minerals in it that are not distilled through the process of reverse osmosis. The minerals in ionized water are kept intact and they become ionized when they either lose or gain electrons.

The two kinds of ionized water and how they impact our lives

Ionized water is of two kinds: Ionized Alkaline water and Ionized Acidic water.

It is a common knowledge that antioxidant-rich food or drink is healthy because it helps stagnate or reduce the effects of oxidation on our body. It would be enlightening to know that ionized alkaline water is also known as Electrolyzed reduced water because research has shown its potential effectiveness in reducing the impact of oxidation. While there are people who claim that ionized alkaline water is the solution to reverse the damage done by oxidation, the ORP of this kind of water continues to be an area of further research.

Ionized acidic water, on the other hand, enhances the process of oxidation. While ionized alkaline water may be more suitable for drinking purposes, ionized acidic water is best used for sanitation and disinfection.

What you should know about ionized water

Now that the basic differences are clear, there are a few more things that one should know about ionized water. As mentioned earlier, there is a vast scope for further research when it comes to the benefits of ionized water. While the US FDA is yet to send out confirmation regarding the potential benefits of drinking ionised alkaline water, The Functional Water Foundation of Japan backs its usage for the betterment of health. This is primarily why the Japanese Ministry of Health encourages the purchase and usage of ionizers for alkaline water that is believed to improve gastrointestinal problems.

While the FDA has preferred to carry out further research regarding this matter, Mayo Clinic that is a medical authority in the United States, has supported the usage of ionised alkaline water in their statements.

The claims are restricted in their reach due to the fact that they haven’t been verified by further research but findings suggest a link between consumption of iodised alkaline water and prevention of deteriorating bone density.

While Mayo Clinic does not deny the benefits of ionised water, there is no doubt that the lack of thorough research in this field makes backing claims a tad bit difficult.

What do the proponents say?

Keeping aside medical and scientific claims, a simple approach to this debate would be that ionised alkaline water has a higher PH level than your regular tap water which effectively neutralizes the acid in your blood stream, enhances metabolism and helps you to absorb nutritional benefits from food efficiently.

Proponents of this theory are of the opinion that consumption of ionised alkaline water is more effective than adopting detoxification diet and lifestyles. The ability to flush out toxins without exposing your body to unnecessary after-effects is an offer too tempting to resist.

What else is ionised water being used for?

Nutrition experts and health practitioners have also seemed to find a link between consumption of alkaline water and prevention of degenerative diseases. This belief stems from the idea that acid accumulation in the body is primarily responsible for age-related diseases. Since ionised alkaline water seems to have a high ORP, it is believed to be effective in restoring the natural pH level of the body.

It is also being stated that the body’s hydration as well as rehydration processes can be further enhanced with the consumption of alkaline water from an ioniser.

What should you do?

Should you stick to natural water or your RO and wait till ionised water is waved a green flag or should you start believing in the benefits of electronically restructured alkaline water? The decision is yours to make because everybody reacts to everything differently but when there are evident reasons like ionised water being the next best source of antioxidants and minerals after natural water, there is no reason why you should not give it a try.

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