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How it works?

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What does an alkaline water ionizer machine do and how does it work?

Pure clean alkaline water has several health benefits and you must be curious to know how the alkaline water ionizer works and produces healthy water.

The set up

First and foremost you will have to connect your machine with the help of a diverter valve faucet to the water source. The main components of the ionizer are the power system, the filters and the electrodes.

There are two functions that take place in the machine:

  • Water filtration
  • Water ionization

Water filtration

The in-built, multi-stage filtration system ensures that all traces of chlorine, trihalomethane, phenols, sediment, odor, taste and organic waste are removed to provideyou with pure clean water.

Water ionization

This is where the actual story begins. The filtered water passes through a chamber fitted with platinum coated titanium plates which conductelectricity into the machine and electrolysis takes place. Water molecules contain minerals which have both positive charge and negative charge. Thus, during electrolysis the positively charged ions namely cations, congregate at the negative electrode, while the negatively charged ions called anions assemble at the positive electrode.

The water thus ionized is split into 30% acidic water rich in nitrates, sulfides, chlorides, and fluorides and 70% alkaline water rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium.The ionizer has two hoses – the dispenser hose and the drain hose. The acidic water is directed to the drain hose while the alkaline to the dispenser hose.

Be aware that the pH of water determines the acidic and alkaline nature of your water. Remember that the higher the pH the more the acidic the water and vice versa. You can adjust the alkalinity or acidity of the water by just pressing the desired button.

Uses of acidic water

Water is fast becoming a rare commodity and therefore we should not waste even a single drop of water. Here are a few uses for acidic water in your kitchen.

  • A good sterilizing agent
  • Ideal for washing hands
  • Cleaning food and kitchen utensils
  • Treating minor wounds and eczema


To maintain the efficiency of the water ionizer the electrodes must be periodically cleaned; this can be done either by activating the auto cleaning function or by running a manual cleaning cycle. The auto cleaning involves a process called reverse polarity cleaning whereby the electrodes which were so far attracting the ions will start repelling them. This reversal along with powerful water flow creates an efficient flushing system.Auto cleaning will reduce the scale buildup but not the mineral accumulation on the electrodes. Hence for a thorough cleanup you will have to clean the electrodes manually.

Alternating between the two methods is a good idea to keep your electrodes in pristine condition.

Efficacy of alkaline water

Water molecules are normally present in clusters of 12 or more which is broken down during electrolysis into smaller groups or clusters of 5-6 molecules. These smaller clusters have lower surface tension which makes water absorption easier; it is akin to a small ball. Therefore, drink clean healthy alkaline water to stay energized and healthy for a long time.

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