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Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water

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There has been a lot of buzz recently about the benefits of drinking alkaline water. There are several health benefits including slowing the aging process, preventing chronic diseases and regulating the body’s pH level. With three quarter of our body composed of water, it is definitely a concept worth looking into.

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline refers to the pH (power of hydrogen) level present in water. The pH scale ranges from 1-14. Most tap and bottled water have a pH level of 7 which is neutral. Water marketed as alkaline water has a slightly higher pH level of 8-9.

What does this mean?

Alkaline ionized water is made by breaking the weak hydrogen bonds that hold water in large clusters. The restructured water consists of smaller water crystals which are more efficiently absorbed by the body cells allowing faster rehydration.

Micro-clustering of water molecules:

Acidic water has large clusters of water molecules and cannot be absorbed by cells in the human body. The ideal size for water to be easily absorbed by cells is under six-clustered molecules. In contrast, alkaline water is able to achieve this feat since it undergoes a process of ionization which breaks the electrical bonding of water molecules and restructures the water down to smaller clusters thereby making it easily absorbable by human cells.

The digestion process and other metabolic activities of the body produce free radicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS) that travel through the body. These can damage cells and DNA leading to many diseases. As the alkaline ionized water contains active hydrogen molecules, it causes neutralization of the harmful free radicals.

Importance of Alkaline water in your diet

70% of our body is made up of water. Man can survive without food for few days but not without water. It is vital to replenish the water your body uses every day. Therefore improving the quality of water that you intake, will go a long way to help improve your health.

Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water daily. But most people do not drink enough water or simply grab a soda or sports drink with high caffeine. These drinks have low pH (pH level less than 7) that adversely affects your health by throwing off the pH balance of your body which is around 7.4. Alkaline ionized water not only hydrates your body but also corrects the pH level of the body.

Scientists have confirmed that drinking alkaline ionized reduces bone loss because of its high pH and easily available ionized minerals like calcium and magnesium. Due to its high pH, your body will utilize the calcium that you intake as part of your diet for strengthening the bones instead of using it for balancing your body’s pH levels.

Why is it gaining popularity?

The below points will help establish the significant benefits that can be derived from drinking alkaline ionized water.

  • Alkaline Water and Cancer

    There is sufficient evidence to establish the link between pH and cancer. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Drinking alkaline ionized water will help increase the body pH level and create a more alkaline environment which is not suitable for the growth of cancer cells. Alkaline ionized water is high on antioxidants that neutralize the harmful free radicals.

    Medical studies also reveal that it can slow the growth of tumors by preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed the tumors.

  • Alkaline Water and Diabetes

    Medical research has proven the anti-diabetic properties of drinking alkaline ionized water. The results indicate improved glucose levels and glucose tolerance in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It helps to prevent damage of the pancreatic cells that lead to diabetes.

    People with diabetes, who take alkaline ionized water as part of their diet, have reported being able to lower their dosage of medicines required to control their diabetes. This actually makes alkaline ionized water should be part of the diet plan for anyone who wishes to prevent or manage their diabetes.

  • Alkaline Water and anti-aging

    Aging is the result of damage to body tissues by organic acids and by active oxygen (free radicals). Organic acids in the body break down tissues, causing aging and age-related diseases.

    As alkaline ionized water acts as antioxidant and neutralizes the free radicals in the body, it can help slow the aging process.

    Evidence suggests that it can help prevent diseases caused by harmful free radicals such as Parkinson’s disease.

  • Alkaline Water and obesity

    Many foods such as meat, aerated soft drinks, sports drink increase the acid levels in our body. As a natural defense, the body builds up layers of fat to absorb the excess acids. Obesity is a sign that the person’s body is far more acidic than permissible levels.

    Thus it can be prevented or controlled by eating and drinking those food products that help increase the alkalinity of the body. Drinking alkaline ionized water reduces the body’s acidity and stops fat storage resulting in weight loss.

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