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Five Differences Between Acidic And Alkaline Water

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One of the most profound negative effects of extreme industrialization is the contamination of natural resources and scarcity of their availability. It is indeed a matter of grave concern that the presence of water in its purest forms is increasingly turning into a mirage. Regular water coming to homes through taps is turning more acidic in its content. Elaborate medical research worldwide, has now brought to light the benefits of alkaline water usage. To understand better, let us study in detail the five differences between acidic and alkaline water which give it an edge over acidic water:

High pH:

Ideally regular Tap water should have a pH of 7 to 8.5. However its travel through contaminated pipelines before it reaches homes results in its becoming more acidic and thereby altering its pH. Alkaline water created from a water ionizer machine, with a pH of 9.5 alkalizes the body and helps the blood stream to maintain its appropriate pH of 7.3 or 7.4.

Negative ORP:

Alkaline water contains a higher oxygen to hydrogen ratio than regular water. This characterizes its unique property of Negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) which tends to decrease oxidation and aging which is indeed beneficial to the human body. Acidic water present in tap water, cooked foods and some bottled water have Positive ORP and increases oxidation.

Micro-clustering of water molecules:

Acidic water has large clusters of water molecules and cannot be absorbed by cells in the human body. The ideal size for water to be easily absorbed by cells is under six-clustered molecules. In contrast, alkaline water is able to achieve this feat since it undergoes a process of ionization which breaks the electrical bonding of water molecules and restructures the water down to smaller clusters thereby making it easily absorbable by human cells.

Presence of more Hydroxyl ions:

Compared to acidic water, alkaline water has millions of hydroxyl ions which are free radical scavengers. These ions search around the blood stream for the presence of any free radicals which are essentially unstable molecules with one or more unpaired electrons and destroy them, thereby preventing any cell damage within the body.

Increased electrochemical activity between cells:

Alkaline water can act as a conductor of electrochemical activity from cell to cell since it is ionized. This can help in making the body more disease-resistant, induce slow aging, increase intracellular hydration and in replenishing essential minerals. Acidic water does not possess an inherent ability similar to this.


Based on thorough research, it is worth mentioning that the uniquely different characteristics of alkaline water in comparison to acidic water give it a favourable review. Alkaline water has a better pH due to the presence of alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium among many others. Diseases like cancer can be kept at bay by using alkaline water since cancer cells tend to grow in a low oxygen, highly acidic environment. Hence the factors like water’s source, purity, pH, oxygenation, hydration, taste etc make alkaline water win hands down over acidic water.

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