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Comparing to Other Brands

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Discounts 20% No Discount No Discount
Free Shipping Yes Maybe No
90 Day Money-Back Guarantee Yes 30 days column content
Filter System 2 Stage Filtration 1-2 Filters No Filters
Free Additional Filters 2 Extra Filters Yes No
Filter Indicator Yes Yes No
Requires Chemical Addiditives No Yes Yes
Maintenance No Yes Yes
Easy Installation Yes Yes Yes
Large LCD Screen Yes Yes No
Voice Control Yes Yes No
# Of Plates 5-9 Plates 5-9 Plates 5 Plates
Platinum Titanium Plates Yes Yes No
Automatic Self Cleaning Yes Yes No
Smart Filter Technology Yes Maybe No
SMPS Power Yes Yes No
FLow Rate Highest Flow Rate High Flow Rate Low Flow Rate
Ph Levels 3-12 3-12 3-9
ORP Levels -650 up to -800mv -600mv 200-400mv
Product Made In South Korea/Assembled In USA South korea China
Lifetime Guarantee Yes Limited No
Customer Service Superior Average Low Quality
Dealers Never! Buy Directly From The Source Yes (Pyramid Marketing) Yes
Tested & Certified Yes Most Likely Probably Not
Satisfaction Guaranteed? Yes Maybe No

What Are The Most Important Factors When Comparing Water Ionizers?

While there are many factors that may decide which company you might want to go with, here are a few points that we think are super important when comparing brands and different water ionizers.

Quality & The # Of Plates

The quality of the plates used to ionize the water is very important. Typically, the higher quality the plate is, the better alkaline water you should expect. Industry standard is titanium/platinum which is regarded as some of the highest quality metals on earth. Titanium/platinum plates are a bit more expensive as they are very rare metals, however they are known to last much longer and produce better anti-oxidant rich water.

While the material of plates is very important, the # of plates is also very important. Again, more plates will cost you more money. If you are on a budget, go with a 5 titanium/platinum plate machine. If you are looking for an ionizer with more potential, go with a 9 plate machine.

We do not recommend going higher than 9 plates as most of those machines are extremely expensive and don’t seem to be worth the price tag.

Pricing Of Course!

Make sure to take in the other elements to determine if that pricing matches the quality. Some companies will charge over $3,000 for a machine that isn’t covered for life.

The pricing should reflect the warranty, the # of plates, & the material of the plates.

Lifetime Warranty. Make Sure It Isn’t Limited!

Here at Alkawave we believe in our lifetime warranty that we offer. We also believe that it should be the most important factor when deciding for a water ionizer. Things happen and you always want to make sure that your investment is worth every penny, and that’s what a lifetime warranty does!

Note - Some companies say that their water ionizers are lifetime and in the fine print, it actually is limited to tons of restrictions. Here are Alkawave, we have ZERO fine print!

The Company Behind The Products

Go with a company you trust. One that doesn’t try to sell you to death. We believe that the greatest companies never have to sell. They let their products do the talking.

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