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Unlike other water ionizer companies online with big marketing budgets and a huge overhead, we let the word of mouth of our alkaline water ionizers do the marketing for us!


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We only sell the best because we only use the best! All of our employees drink ionized water from our Alkawave machines and we would never sell anything that wasn't the best on the market. Again, we wouldn't be able to offer a lifetime guarantee if our water ionizers weren't superior.


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We guarantee that you will never be sold here at Alkawave. We hold ourselves to high standards and we promise to always be upfront, honest and helpful every time you speak with us. We will NEVER give you the run-around.

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Still not sure if Alkwave Ionizers are right for you? Try it and see for yourself. If for whatever reason you decide you don't want to keep your Alkwave Water Ionizer, ship it back to us and we will give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

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Things to Consider

When Purchasing An Alkawave Water Ionizer Machine


It’s wonderful that you have finally decided to invest in a water ionizer machine. The benefits of drinking alkaline water are many and should not be missed by anyone. Since the water ionizer was first introduced in Japan in 1954, the machine has come a long way and is gaining importance in many households in the US.

Before buying consider these features



When you shop at Alkawave, you can rest knowing that all Alkawave Water Ionizers are rigorously tested to ensure that each machine is working at 100% efficiency. We use only the highest grade metals and materials to ensure safety, reliability and performance. We guarantee that Alkawave Water Ionizers are simply the best!



While many other water ionizer brands require cleaning, daily maintenance and adding chemicals to the water to ensure efficiency, all Alkawave Water Ionizers require no maintenance and no adding of any sort of chemical to the water. Our water ionizers clean themselves after each use, ensuring that you never have to hassle with your new Alkawave Machine.



Each Alkawave Water Ionizer is built to last for life and that is what we guarantee. If anything is to ever happen to your Alkawave Water Ionizer Machine, simply send it back to us or we will ship you out a brand new alkaline water machine. Our water ionizer machines are built to last a lifetime and that is what you can expect when shopping with us!



Each and every Alkawave Water Ionizer Machine comes with a no "fine print" lifetime guarantee. This lifetime warranty is NOT limited like many other companies out there. Therefore you can expect to be drinking the highest quality alkaline water for 20, 50, and even 70 plus years from now. We've got your back for life!



With our lifetime warranty and the quality of our products, you might expect to pay double or even triple the price for what we sell our water ionizers for. We don't charge an arm and a leg and we don't have dealers jacking up the prices of our water ionizer machines. Simply good products at the best prices.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Water Ionizers

When Should I Start Seeing The Benefits From Drinking Alkaline Water?
Some of the many benefits from drinking alkaline water regularly include: feeling more energized throughout the day, staying hydrated much longer, getting a more restful sleep, helping speed up recovery after workouts, slowing down our natural aging process and much more.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of drinking alkaline water click here.

What Long Does It Take To Start Seeing The Benefits From Using A Water Ionizer?
Typically, one should start noticing the benefits within the first month. Everyone's body is different, as some of our customers start seeing benefits in a matter of weeks while others might start seeing benefits in a 1-2 months.

Are There Any Restrictions On The Lifetime Warranty?
Zero! Our lifetime warranty covers just about anything. As long as you don't drop your Alkawave Water Ionizer or leave it in the rain, we've got you covered for life!

Do I Need To Purchase A Filter?
Each Alkawave Water Ionizer Machine has a high performing dual filtering system that takes out harmful contaminants and also improves the taste. There is no need to purchase any additional filter.

Are There Any Cons To Drinking Alkaline Water?
Not at all! Our bodies react positively to akaline water because the more alkaline our body is, the better our body functions. Think of drinking alkaline water as a daily natural detox that our body needs.

Are Alkawave Water Ionizer Machines Hard To Install?
Not at all. Most installations will take around 20 minutes. However, in some cases it may take longer depending on your current setup at home. All parts come with the machine for simple installation.

Do They Require Any Maintenance Or Do I Have To Add Any Chemicals?
Not at all! Our water ionizers come with a built in automatic cleaning system. Every time you shut off your alkaline water machine, the machine cleans itself. & unlike some other companies out there which require you to add chemicals, our machines don't require that.

What Country Are Alkawave Water Ionizers Made In?
All Alkawave Water Ionizers are made in our factory in South Korea, however they are assembled and tested right here in the US. All water ionizers are made in either South Korea, China, or Japan. The reason for this is that these countries have been creating water ionizers for over 20 years and have the best quality control.

Most high quality alkaline water machines are created in South Korea or Japan and the lower quality machines are created in China.

How Long Does It Take To Ship?
Typically, it takes around 4-5 business days and if you order by 12PM, we will ship your new Alkawave Water Ionizer that day.

What Comes With A Purchase Of ANY Alkawave Machine?
Each purchase of ANY Alkawave Alkaline Water Machine comes with all parts for installation, a total of 4 filters, and a free water ionizer bottle.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Alkave Your Next Water Ionizer Purchase
  • Lifetime Warranty On All Water Ionizer Machines
  • Quality Water Ionizers You Can Count On
  • Try It Out. We Guarantee You’le Your New Alkaline Water Machine
  • Unmatched Super Friendly Customer Service
  • Buy Direct From The Source & Save Money

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